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Intent Implementation Impact


At Lord Street Nursery we intend that our ambitious and inclusive curriculum enables and empowers children to be effective, inquisitive, curious, independent learners. Our curriculum is child centred and designed around the child’s interests as we believe their enjoyment of learning, engagement and motivation develops more effectively in this way. The early years play a crucial role in making life-chances more equal for everyone and we wish our children to believe in themselves and their abilities We aim to motivate, inspire

and challenge children in their learning. The children gain early knowledge and skills through first hand experiences, and are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity and interests in order to develop a love of learning.

The experience of the child must always be central to practitioners’ thinking and our children deserve to experience the seven areas of learning through a flexible play based curriculum that is creative, engaging and challenging. We offer experiences that are rich and stimulating and build on what the children already know and what they need to develop in their learning. Our highly responsive ‘in the moment’ planning is based on observations of the children to develop both the characteristics of effective learning and to reach developmental milestones. Child-initiated learning is enhanced by quality first teaching by skilled practitioners who have a thorough knowledge of the child.


Every child has the opportunity to participate in uninterrupted play, scaffolded by effective, experienced practitioners where the characteristics of effective learning are at the heart of the curriculum as we believe all children deserve to have an equal chance of success. We offer a safe environment for children to take risks and challenge themselves which helps them to build confidence, resilience self-regulation, self-esteem and become successful learners. Our outdoor area is an integral part of our curriculum which we utilise to its full potential throughout every season. We recognise that language and communication are vital in all areas of a child’s development. We welcome children from culturally diverse backgrounds and many of our children are at an early stage of learning English as an additional language (EAL). Communication and language development is therefore a consistent focus. We support children’s development by providing a rich language environment, where conversations, singing and sharing stories become a regular part of the children’s day. Our Nursery School considers the all-round development of children. We work collaboratively with outside agencies to ensure our curriculum is inclusive and accessible. Formative assessment takes place within every session, enabling practitioners to identify next steps. These may be implemented ‘in the moment’ where appropriate. These support our more formal observations which are planned and reviewed at specific points throughout the school year. We endeavour to build a strong relationship with the community to ensure a positive and successful transition between settings.


The curriculum design ensures that the needs of all children can be met within the environment of quality first teaching supported by adult led learning and targeted interventions where appropriate. Our curriculum provides the opportunity for our children to develop into resilient, capable, confident, self- assured curious and independent learners. Our children are eager to continue their learning journey and are prepared and ready to tackle the challenges they will face in the next phase of their education. The impact of our curriculum is measured by assessment procedures and the progress the children make during their time with us.

 We regularly review our curriculum and the resources we use, we want a curriculum that includes ‘meaningful and culturally diverse material’ and which ‘usualises and commemorates diversity’.


“Cultural Capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education” At Lord Street we understand that each child arrives with different experiences and ideas based on their own personal circumstances. We aim to use the knowledge gained from regular observations and a good understanding of our families to develop children’s experiences and learning through exciting and stimulating experiences


At Lord Street every child has the opportunity to participate in uninterrupted play, scaffolded by experienced staff where the characteristics of effective learning are at the heart of the curriculum. We value the abilities and achievements of all children, and are committed to providing the best possible learning environment. We follow children’s interests and respond to their individual needs, working to achieve maximum inclusion for all our children. Families are welcomed, valued and we aim to develop a partnership in learning which encompasses their cultural experiences and beliefs.  Every teacher is a teacher of every child.

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