Lord Street

Lord Street

Nursery School

Welcome to Lord Street Nursery

Lord Street Allenton, Derby, DE24 9AX


01332 349363



To provide an environment which:

  • is secure, enabling children to be relaxed, confident, happy and emotionally stable
  • has flexibility, allowing children to become self-reliant and to make decisions for themselves
  • is stimulating and exciting, encouraging awareness, and awakening interest and curiosity
  • offers equal opportunities to all children
  • reflects the multi-cultural nature of our society


To help each child to realise his/her full potential in all areas of development physical, social/emotional, spiritual/moral and aesthetic.


To ensure compensatory education for children with learning difficulties associated with social deprivation, emotional disturbance, physical impairment, development delay, speech and language disorders, and the challenges of learning in English as a second language.


To make early and lasting links between home and school, so that for each child, parents and staff:

  • exchange information about the child
  • understand each other’s aims for the child
  • gain each other’s support, confidence and co-operation


To make and maintain working relationships with other professionals and voluntary agencies involved with pre-school children in the area.


To ensure smooth and uninterrupted educational progress in transfer to infant education.


To provide affordable Day Care that can meet the needs of children.

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