Lord Street

Lord Street

Nursery School

Welcome to Lord Street Nursery

Lord Street Allenton, Derby, DE24 9AX


01332 349363

Term Dates

Term Dates


School Year 2023-24

Spring Term

Monday 8th January  - Thursday 15th February 2024

Friday 16th February 2024- Closed INSET Day

Monday 26th February - Thursday 28th March 2024

Friday 29th March - Closed Bank Holiday


Summer Term

Monday 15th April - Friday 3rd May 2024

Monday 6th May 2024 - Closed bank Holiday

Tuesday 7th May - Thursday 23rd May 2024 

Friday 24th May 2024 - Closed INSET Day

Monday 3rd June - Tuesday 23rd July 2024



School Year 2024-25

Autumn Term

Wednesday 4th September  2024- Closed INSET Day

Thursday 5th September 2024 Closed INSET Day

Friday 6th September - Friday 25th October 2024

Monday 4th November 2024 - Thursday 19th December 2024

Friday 20th December 2024 - Closed INSET Day


Our school is open 08:30 - 15:30 daily during term time with the exception of INSET Days and Bank Holidays

 INSET Days subject to change

Please click here for opening times

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